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​Marie Martin and Elyse Alexander

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​Take a book, leave a book or a donation in the AOOB's tin

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Absolutely Uniquely Kulin Products

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Absolutely Uniquely Kulin Products

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​Fog on the Railway Crossing Kulin

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​New CBH Train

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Locally owned and operated, Community Resource Centres (CRCs) provide a wide array of information and community-based services to local people, businesses and visitors of regional Western Australia.

CRCs are committed to developing regional communities and connecting the people of Western Australia.
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The WACRN is comprised of over 100 rural, remote and regional Community Resource Centres (CRCs).

CRC's are not-for-profit organisations that are independently owned and operated by their local community.

Find your closest CRC.

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Community Resource Centres are committed to developing regional communities and connecting the people of Western Australia.

They provide training and education programs, access to business facilities, and information on community events and government services.

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Kulin Wildflowers in October​

· Look for trigger plants that are out in profusion now

· Blue & Yellow Sun Orchids are flowering now, if they are not open properly for a photo breathe on them - huff & puff , shine a torch on them or cut bottom off a plastic container and place over them -   the heat will open the petals if it is slightly overcast or too early/late in the day.

· Feather flowers are magnificent in October  [ August-December]small yellow in august and now fading to rusty browns - Verticordia acerosa

· Large yellow in full array till early December     Verticordia chrysantha    Verticordia grandiflora

· Cauliflower white  open or opening  - Verticordia roei

· All shades of pink-mauve  - Verticordia picta - Painted Feather Flower   and Verticordia insignis                    

· V tumida therogana   V pritzelii deep pink on yellow sand

· Tall speckki jobs - Verticordia ovalifolia and Verticordia serrata continue into December

· Drop into the Corrigin Rifle Range on western edge of town - bay 3 and 4 are a riot of colour and the other bays are spectacular as well   

Lots of flowers still out, especially the Dampieras, whose purple is stunning. Places to see wildflowers are The Macrocarpa Trail, Sparkes Road, Hopkins Reserve, Buckleys Breakaway and Commonwealth Road.


Lake Grace, WA